About Us

Modern meets tradition.

Allure meets Sublime.

Chic meets bold.

The old meets the new to give birth to something that sits with you.

It makes you feel newer and yet connected to your roots.

Seema Thukral Label finds the style that fits your sensibilities, at all times.

My life is my hope for creating new futures. I graduated in Fashion Designing from the Pearl Academy of Fashion in 2008 and then did a Diploma in fashion marketing from the London College of Fashion. Educating myself in a passion that is solely my own to pursue, inculcating every single sense in my body to harmonize my inspirations, the history, the nature and the economics of everything. This is where the birth of my label was for me.
When my hope for budget-friendly, highstreet fashion projects harmonized with the years I put into training myself to create better.
The history of the world is the history of fashion. We are defined by our histories, designed by who we were and inspired by who we are going to be. A piece of clothing carries behind it a world of its own. Its own set of meanings, challenges and implications.

To carry oneself in full honesty and complete truth is to wear something one can truly believe in. That is our objective here at the Seema Thukral label. To justify the histories of what we wear, to embroil comfort within the last ream of fabric, to handwork an art that implicates not only our history but also our hope for the future.
For the past six years, we have redefined the way we dress each day, through a small singular step at a time. With sublime allure, handcrafted impervious designs and an elegant yet chic approach towards design, our embroidery and unique local influences put the festive in your festivities. Our designs are a modern embankment of the worlds that had come before, with heavy influences from traditional Indian attires and a respectful homage to them. With a pop of colour and display of heart, we make our line of Indowestern wear look and feel singularly Indian, because that is who we are and that is what we do and this is how we imagine ourselves to be. For today, and tomorrow and hopefully, forever.